A Snack and a Story

Who says “Dinner and a Movie” is only for adults? We’ve come up with a few fun and creative fall-inspired snack and book combos for our kid-friendly version called “A Snack and a Story”. Kids of all ages and adults can prepare and enjoy this assortment of books and recipes together. So roll up your […]

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” (Part Two)

September is almost over, and that means we need to complete our journey around the world before International Literacy comes to a close. Have a look at our previous post to see where we’ve been so far; from New York City to Antarctica, it’s been quite the exciting trip. We’re ready to depart from Antarctica […]

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” (Part One)

In honor of September being International Literacy Month, we’re going to take a trip around the world, visiting all seven continents through a selection of children’s picture books. The best part: you can do it from the comfort of your comfiest chair, at your local library, or just about anywhere.  Let your kids discover just […]

Museums Can Tell Stories, Too!

The goal of any museum exhibition is to tell a story. That story can be about the work of a particular artist, the events of a certain historical period, or an individual object – like a book. Escape the August heat and explore some great museum shows currently on view up and down the Northeastern […]

Four Creative Ways to Interact with Sparkup

Sparkup makes reading picture books fun and interactive. Choose a book, attach Sparkup, press the record button, and you’re ready to go. But Sparkup doesn’t only love picture books. Here are a few ideas for how to use Sparkup to take reading and storytelling to a whole new level. 1. Photo Albums When was the last […]

The Sparkup Story: Putting the Pieces Together

When we last left Amir and Roei, they were searching for an engineer-designer duo to help realize their concept for the Sparkup. The engineer needed to be proficient in computer recognition technology; someone who could find creative solutions to integrate cost-efficient components that would keep prices low for the consumer. Amir and Roei had the […]

The Sparkup Story: Refining the Spark

This next chapter in the Sparkup story explores some of the challenges Amir and Roei faced in the early stages of inventing the Sparkup. Amir and Roei had their epiphany by the river back in August 2009. They were inspired to change the story time experience for children and their families – but just how, […]

The Sparkup Story: The Spark

It was a hot summer day in August 2009. Two childhood friends and co-serial entrepreneurs, Amir Koren and Roei Simantov, who would later found Sparkup together, met for a brainstorming session. They sat along the river with a mutual friend, Eitan Dotan, who is the successful director of a local children’s TV hits and one […]

Welcome to the Sparkup Blog

Our first series of posts will feature the chapters that make up the Sparkup Story. Sparkup is, after all, about storytelling! Over the next few weeks, we will explore the creative minds, technical innovations and the chain of events that transformed Sparkup from an ambitious idea to a revolutionary device that connects families and engages […]