Confessions from the Office ByRachel Osnat Shlain

    Hi!  My name is Rachel -Osnat and I am a working mom. There, I said it. I can’t take it back. You are probably wondering what happened  to me; why lately I find myself almost embarrassed to say it out loud. You see, last summer my family and I moved to Berkeley, California. […]

Thank You, Tabitha, and all the soldiers

An amazing young woman named Tabitha wrote on the Sparkup Magical Book Reader FB page: “I am so glad I found out about your product on the Today show before Christmas! I am about to leave on an 8 month deployment and I have 3 and 4 year old boys. They are going to love […]

My Mother’s Day Journey

Mom, mommy, mamma, mother… No matter which word you use, when you say it you suddenly become overwhelmed with emotions. When you’re a kid, mom is the safest place in the world; you try to be as close to her as possible. When you’re a teenager, you try to get as far away as you […]

Spring Break!

Spring Break! By: Rachel O. Shlain It feels like we’re just getting back into a routine after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and not to mention all those sick days because of flu season. . Just when our kids are getting back to normal and we are actually accomplishing things at work, spring break is just around the […]