Sparkup Magical Reader Review: A Speech Pathologist’s Perspective


Thank you, Becca at Gravity Bread, for the great review! See below:

“Are you a speech language pathologist who is looking for a new therapy tool? Are you a parent who wants your child to become more excited about books?  Try this Magical Book Reader.

I loved how it was so easy to record the stories and that you can record other people’s voices as well. For example, Grandma can record a special book for your child. This can be very meaningful for a child! Using the reader with your child can be a bonding experience that is fun and engaging. If you are a working mom, you can record books for your child while you are at work so they can hear your voice throughout the day. When I left early for work one morning, my own daughter attached this device to a book I recorded and listened to it. She was so excited to read the book all by herself and hear my voice. The reader is also versatile because it can be recorded in any language since it’s digitized speech (human speech).”

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